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Proactive Management
Innovative Solutions
Value-Added Services
Performance Driven

Our Approach is Simple
Active two-way communication understand client needs.
Provide the most economical solution to fulfill those needs.
Focus on solving problems before their symptoms appear.

When you engage United Services as your provider you can be sure, from top to bottom, all employees will take an active role in maintaining the highest possible quality and consistency.

To accomplish our commitment, we empower employees, enabling them to make decisions and resolve issues quickly and proactively to exceed expectations. Service personnel, supervisors, managers and principals all have a voice in the process to insure clients needs are met.

Consistent communication with our clients has allowed us to grow with them, resulting in long-term relationships.


We Listen
We solicit our clients' input. We want to review and understand all requirements.

Our knowledge of the industry, commitment to qualify and flexible approach insure the appropriate questions are asked.

Our approach invites ideas from your team members and ours. All concepts are considered and explored.

We Provide Solutions
We never let industry parameters interfere with our ability to design a custom solution to fulfill your needs.

We provide, for your choice and approval, various methods of achieving the most cost effective services.

Our solutions are dynamic in nature and can be adjusted to grow with your environment.

We create new and efficient ways to deliver our services.

At United Services we believe the best relationship is a partnership. We provide a wide range of building maintenance services and add value by adhering to our fundamental principles.

Services Include
Superior Janitorial and Housekeeping
Top Qualify Carpet Maintenance and Installation
Careful Window Washing and Facade Cleaning
Professional Marble and Stone Care
Beautiful Landscaping
Proper Metal Maintenance
Timely Snow Removal
Efficient Lighting Maintenance
Meticulous Mechanical Maintenance
Safe Interior Demolition
Quick Emergency and Disaster Restoration Services
Complete Post-Construction Cleanup
Sharp Temporary Labor
Thorough Pressure Washing

Through technology we are able to provide solutions regardless of time or day. Our custom technology allows us to schedule and monitor employee performances, increasing productivity while decreasing cost.

Your facility is a reflection of your business. When you partner with United Services, you gain a valuable resource.

Our Approach to Your Request for Proposal

First, we design an operating plan and a pricing structure that specifically addresses the requirements of your RFP.

Second, we suggest an alternative operating plan, with the goal of increasing the productivity of our work force and decreasing your expense.

Finally, together we compare both plans, pricing structures and discuss the advantages of each.

We detail for you implementation, execution and management of all plans with our commitment to their success.

We insure you are provided all of the information necessary to make the proper business decision.

Keys to Our Success
Training Programs - to maximize efficiency
Quality Control - to monitor performance
Incentive Programs - to motivate work force
Safety Programs - to minimize accidents

We focus our attention on the appearance and functionality of your facility.


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